Night walking, Queen Elizabeth Park

Night walking, Queen Elizabeth Park
Bleed under mat

Artist: John Crittenden


The second most visited park in Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Park is a major draw for people who just plain love the setting. It's difficult to put to words the beauty of this place. I've planned several walks around Vancouver from this location. The first tree was planted in 1949 by Deputy Superintendent William Livingstone with the long term goal of displaying every tree species native to Vancouver's temperate climate.

Queen Elizabeth Park provides a second-to-none view of downtown Vancouver. At it's center is the Bloedel Conservatory, an indoor tropical garden that houses 500 exotic plants and flowers and more than a hundred free-flying tropical birds. - John Crittenden

About This Series

It has been said that the beauty of old Europe knows no equal. This collection proves that to be incorrect. Even before the camera Vincent knew: "It often seems to me that the night is much more alive and richly colored than the day." - John Crittenden

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