Night Reaching

Night Reaching
Bleed under mat

Artist: John Crittenden


I believe this is some type of Amazon Lily. I photographed this stunning flower standing alone somewhere along Point Grey Road on my walk to Jericho one late evening. It was almost as if everything else had been picked and this was forgotten. It looked as if it was actually reaching for the night sky. The lighting is from an overhead street light. - John Crittenden

About This Series

I've heard some say that flowers don't bloom at night. But, similar to many animals and birds who live much of their lives in both worlds, I've come to realize that they certainly do. Nature keeps to her own timetable and at night everything seems to "come alive" more than even during the day. While many flowers will close up after the sun sets, perhaps for protection, I've seen several that stay open for an hour or so after it gets completely dark. Some even bloom all night. - John Crittenden

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