Ninstints, Queen Charlotte Island

Ninstints, Queen Charlotte Island
Bleed under mat

Artist: John Crittenden


The Queen Charlotte Islands sit on the western edge of northern British Columbia. At their southern tip lies the old village of Ninstints, the most important village of the Kunghit Haida. The village of Ninstints is a hauntingly beautiful group of totem poles, poignant memorial to the richness of Haida culture. Many of the original totem poles are no longer there. Some have fallen down, beginning their long journey back to the earth. Others have been preserved and are now on display in museums. I actually did this painting form an old tintype from the archives.

The eastern coast is relatively sheltered and dotted with islands. Collectively, the islands contain several life zones ranging from a coastal temperate rainforest of cedar and giant Sitka spruce, to a mountain zone of hemlock and alpine tundra.

About 750,000 seabirds breed in these islands; millions more stop here at some point during spring and fall migrations. It is the only confirmed nesting site in Canada for horned puffins. There are more eagle nests per kilometre of shoreline than anywhere else in Canada and the highest breeding density of Peregrine falcons in the world. - John Crittenden

About This Series

We are offering signed and numbered limited edition Giclées of a few of the many paintings John has produced over his career. This collection records the early history of a land that stretches from the prairies and foothills of Alberta to the rainforests of British Columbia.

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