Pack Horse, warm late afternoon, Alberta foothills, 1860

Pack Horse, warm late afternoon, Alberta foothills, 1860
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Artist: John Crittenden


A cowboy and pack horse in the Rocky Mountains on a late afternoon returning to a base camp with supplies, probably prior to the high country fall roundup. Reference was supplied by the Glenbow Foundation, Calgary.

The horse and packhorse eventually displaced the birchbark canoe as the chief means of travel in many parts of western Canada. Soon the Rocky Mountains began to be explored by bands of "Mountainmen". These men were in search of furs and either trapped themselves or traded with the Indians. The horse has played a very important role in the settling of Canada. If it were not for the horse, the ranching industry as we know it would not exist. The packhorse continues to be used today in many parts of the mountains of British Columbia and Alberta. - John Crittenden

About This Series

This major collection includes a new release of signed and numbered limited edition Giclées on paper and canvas of paintings from the History of Transportation.

This collection was released under license as "the official portfolio of limited edition prints for Expo 86." It received the endorsement of Expo 86, the Government of British Columbia and General Motors of Canada and was presented to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales by the Honourable Claude Richmond, Minister of Tourism, on behalf of Expo 86 and the Government of B.C. It was featured in several shows across Canada including the Expo 86 site, the McLaughlin Museum In Oshawa and the National Art Centre in Ottawa among many others.

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